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Why So Much Focus On Women?

It’s easy to think that things are changing faster than they are. The truth is that change takes time and happens more slowly than we realize.

The Power of Self Acceptance

The Power of Self-Acceptance

As women, we often base our self-worth on how we measure up against others and whether we fit the ideal image society has created for us. We get criticized or will criticize ourselves when we don’t live up to the “standards” society expects from us.


3 Ways to Bounce Back From Professional Failure

Failing at work feels like the world is crashing down around you, panic sets in, and you can’t see how you will recover – it’s all consuming.

Raising Boys in the #MeToo Era

Raising Boys In The #MeToo Era

It shouldn’t take a #MeToo movement to remind us how important respect is. If we want our boys to learn about respect, boundaries, and consent then we need to open the line of communication.



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