3 Ways to Bounce Back From Professional Failure

Thursday May 17, 2018

Failing at work feels like the world is crashing down around you, panic sets in, and you can’t see how you will recover – it’s all consuming.

Mistakes will happen. Failure will and is part of everyone’s story. Some try to hide from it. Some try to pretend it didn’t happen. Some wear it like a badge of honor. And, some just seem to have trouble bouncing back. Whatever your coping mechanism, there are some immediate steps you should take to bounce back from a professional failure so that you can refocus and tap into the coffers of positive motivation.

Here are three things to do immediately when you’ve been met with professional failure.

Own Up To It

Don’t try to sugar coat it or convince anyone that whatever happened didn’t happen the way they saw it. No doubt it sucks, and yes you messed up. Yet, own the mistake, communicate that you take responsibility, then move on and realize that everyone stumbles. You’re not the first person this has happened to and you won’t be the last.

Very important! Tell the boss before the boss finds out. Don’t sweep it under the rug or run from it. Whatever you do, don’t hide it. It will be worse if they discover the mistake and then find out that you hid it for fear of discovery. So, find your strength, be upfront, and tell them about your failure. Then, walk away with your head held high knowing you faced the thing head-on.

But – Don’t Apologize

While you should own up to what happened with grace and confidence, don’t apologize for your failures. Instead phrase your acknowledgement with strength. For example, you could say, “I regret the way that turned out.” And “here’s how I would have done this differently.” This shows everyone that you acknowledge the mistake and learned how to improve without throwing yourself on a sword.

Acknowledge but don’t plan your own pity party. Don’t allow yourself to give up just because you screwed up. And, watch out for those pesky little voices that like to settle in during times of stress. Instead, refocus your energy and take your power back so that you can restore your confidence.

Learn From It

Learn from your mistakes and realize that failure is a part of the path to success. It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes down the road. It just means that failure and pain can drive us forward and be our best teachers. It shows us a different solution.

Mistakes teach us to accept the failure and face difficult fears. Now and again your best efforts just don’t work out. But when you face your failure head on, and confront your fear, then you improve and make a change for the better. So, get back up and make sure you use that failure to learn, develop, and continue pushing forward. Find the opportunity in what happened and move onward and upward.

The Scoop: Never Be Ashamed For Making A Professional Mistake

From time to time, you will experience failure. But it’s how you handle the failure that defines you. The truth is, you should never be ashamed for making a mistake at the office, or in life. The shame comes from failing to own it, correct it, and learn from it.

Now, give yourself a break and move on from whatever is holding you back.


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