Why So Much Focus On Women?

Friday October 12, 2018


We can’t watch the news or scroll through social media without stumbling across something about the women’s movement – #metoo, #timesup, gender inequality, gender pay gaps, too few women in corporate leadership roles, among many others. The conversations – both online and off – are plentiful. We are inundated with information. And, because of this it’s easy to think that things are changing faster than they are.

They aren’t.


The truth is that change takes time and happens more slowly than we realize. But, regardless of what is happening in the broader conversation, we need to focus on our own happiness and success. Our path forward is not about men. It’s not about what is happening around us. It is about taking ownership of who we are, how we project ourselves to the world, and discovering our unique value so we can own our future.

The challenge is, most women, even today, feel like they don’t deserve to go after what they want. Each person has individual reasons for why that is but some of the most common challenges we’ve seen are:

-We always feel like there is too much other stuff going on
-We let that little voice inside our heads convince us what we want is not a good idea or not realistic
-We compare ourselves to those around us and think we aren’t ready
-We don’t think we deserve to ask for what we want

…the list goes on

Three72 is changing all that.

Who is three72?

Three72 is designed to help women tap into their unique value and build the life they want. Whether you are a young professional unsure of your future, a woman reentering the workforce, a woman frustrated in her current career who dreams of a change, a full time Mom, a retired woman searching for what’s next, or a woman in some other transitional phase of life our mission is to help you discover your value, articulate it, own it, and go after your vision.

Your fulfilled life might be to rock being a mom, it might be bringing the boom to your office every day in your current role, it might be about getting that corner office, it might be about changing everything you’ve been doing and transforming your life. Whatever it is, it is unique to you and only for you. Our approach brings you together with a tribe of women that each has unique experiences, perspectives, and visions for their future.

We are committed to helping women find and believe in your unique value for you to design the life you want, even if it scares you. We have combined the best of professional and personal coaching with a structured program called Step Into YOU.

Step Into YOU is a self-discovery process that leads to an inspiring way to articulate your value and define your ideal path in YOUR life. We then walk you through how to build a team of people who can help you get to where you want to be. And, finally, we help you create a roadmap for your future with action steps to achieve everything you dream of being. This is the program to end all programs – you will feel transformed, powerful, and ready to take on the world.

Meet The Team Behind three72

Tracey Moon

tracey moon - three72

Tracey has always put heavy emphasis on self-awareness and personal development in her career planning. Having started out in marketing many years ago and achieved the top level in her field, CMO of a $100 million technology company, she has experienced what many women experience when chasing their dreams – glass ceiling, difficulty in advocating for herself, and the tendency to let the voices in her head hold her back far too often. Along the way, Tracey has found ways to overcome these obstacles (she’s still working on it) and learned a lot about herself and how to help others facing the same crises.

She has mentored countless women over the years and come to realize there must be more she can do to help women succeed along their journey. It was in that moment that three72 was born. Her dream developed into a fun and engaging program designed to inspire hard-working women to uncover and seek their vision passionately.

Tracey being Tracey, she got her sisters involved, and together they created a signature program called Step Into YOU. The strategic steps in the program will build upon your innate talents and core strengths to give you the confidence to go after what you really want. More importantly, three72 plan is supported by clear actions that will make your dreams come true.

The fact is, Tracey exemplifies passion in her career, humility toward others, and insatiable ambition. And she is ready to walk with you every step of the way. She is dedicated to providing a safe place for you to grow personally and professionally.

Christie Moon


Christie is a mom, successful Human Resources Director, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, and a devoted wife, and she’s excited to add three72 coach to the list!

Her solid leadership skills have built strong partnerships with accomplished leaders at all tier levels. As Christie speaks, she has a unique ability to look at life situations in an unconventional manner that makes you instantly feel accepted.

Her humor is contagious as well as her light-hearted personality. Yet her unique ability is undeniable as she incorporates humor into positive strengths, demonstrates self-confidence, and uncovers bright clear visions within your future. Her expert advice will rediscover your hidden strengths, and move you in the right direction.

By inspiring and challenging women with her valuable guidance, she helps women find their voice in their community with the help of three72.

Jessica Moon


Jessica is a mother,  a leadership expert, and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). She understands the principles of success and how to apply them, while teaching others how to put their own skills to use most effectively. She has the unique ability to lead women to making positive changes by tapping into their unique gifts to overcome inner and outer obstacles.

Her strengths help women realize their full potential through a strategic action plan that will clearly define your path. The truth is her thoughtful approach will directly impact you to establish powerful habits and beliefs to reach your goals. The ones that will meet your deepest needs, connect you with your purpose and core, and lead you to experience true fulfillment.

Through this journey, Jessica will teach you the principles of success, so you can embrace life and create anything you want. Your journey of self-discovery and transformation with Jessica will discover new opportunities to enable you to take control of your life.

You Can Do It

There is power in helping people get excited about their life decisions. three72 is here to inspire, guide, and motivate you to unleash your full potential.

The only way to achieve real change is to come together, stand for what you believe in, and build an amazing new journey.

Your dreams have no restrictions or limits. You are the diva master and creator of your dreams. You CAN plan, accomplish, and reach your goals. Join three72 today and find your tribe.


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