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Your Time For Self Improvement Is NOW

Have you ever felt that finding good personal development programs for women that are worth your time is like online dating – you drink a lot of coffee or cocktails but aren’t getting any closer to your goal? Not so with three72. We are disrupting the status quo (while keeping the coffee and cocktails) so you can build a personal development plan that works.

When you get involved with three72 events and programs, you are not only going to connect with other interesting women, you are going to walk away from every interaction energized about life. You’re going to engage, laugh, learn, challenge yourself, and build the life, career, or relationship that you want.


Step into YOU

Step Into YOU is our most popular signature program. We take you on a unique journey that will empower you to go after your dreams.

Step Into YOU is a self discovery process that leads to an inspiring way to articulate your value. We then walk you through how to build a team of people that can help you get to where you want to be. And, finally, we help you create a roadmap for your future with action steps to achieve everything you dream of being. This the program to end all programs – you will feel transformed, powerful, and ready to take on the world.

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Connections That Matter

Connections that Matter

Engaging, fun, facilitated networking events where everyone walks away with something tangible

– a connection that matters to YOU.

Having social connections is one of our most basic needs. Generating support through those social connections is critical to self development. We need support not only for the emotional benefits and encouragement but also for opening the right doors or making connections that will help us realize our visions. three72 events are organized to ensure that every participant benefits from meeting others while having a great time!

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three72 Workshop & Conference

A 2-day engaging and fun event that will change how you think about conferences. You will challenge yourself, support other women, and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose.

This is a workshop-style live conference with facilitated sessions that give everyone a chance to squeeze so much value out of your experience, you won’t want to leave! We not only take you through a similar journey of self discovery as our Step Into YOU program, but we also bring in partners so you can explore your personal style, learn about how nutrition can impact your life, and talk with specialists. This is a must attend if you are serious about taking charge of your life.

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