three72 Is A Woman's Story

Who is three72 for?

Three72 is for you whether you are a young professional unsure of your future, or a woman reentering the workforce, or the woman frustrated in her current career who dreams of a change, or the retired woman searching for what’s next, our mission is to help you discover your value, articulate it, own it, and go after your dreams.

But, what’s the significance of three72?

When we started on this journey, cocktails in hand, we talked a lot about our mission and what we want to create for women. After plenty of laughter, we finally got serious and started throwing out words that represent our vision – bold, fearless, spunky, unique, grit, value, spirit, complex, capable, fierce – in the hopes of finding inspiration. We wanted a great name to convey what we want for you – confidence and the power to achieve your goals. At the same time, we wanted to avoid the cliche names for women’s organizations that we have all seen. We wanted to break out of the mold and create an organization that will elevate women and embolden you to build the life you dream about – all while having a ton of fun – and the name had to cover all that!

As you can imagine, this was not easy, and since we’re sisters, we disagreed on every. single. idea. But, we kept at it and started looking for inspiration in everyday things. One day, Tracey (who you will meet soon), was Google-ing questions that she felt might give her a story or name of something that would say “women are amazingly complex and adaptable” yes we are often underestimated or we underestimate ourselves. The internet being an amazing tool, this let her to the blog, 10 simple things that are deceptively complex!

Of the ten things, one story leaped off the page. Some famous guys, Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead (British mathematicians, logicians, and philosophers), set out to conclusively prove that mathematics works so they started with the simple. It turns out that the mathematical proof for 1+1=2 is actually 372 pages long. Simple yet, deceptively complex. Upon investigation, we learned that Bertrand Russell was also a political activist fighting for reform in a time when his views were not mainstream – a personality that seemed to fit into our group. So, was born three72.

Three72 is built on the fact that no one should underestimate women as simple or focused on one issue, like equal pay. We are deceptively complex. It would take 372 pages (or more!) to write each of your stories, describe the unique value that you offer the world, or even come close to capturing your inner beauty. So, three72 brings together women for fun and engaging events, programs, and discussions that provide a forum for pushing each other to realize our full potential – and support each other along the way.


So, who are we?

We are sisters, friends, colleagues, that have come together to make this happen. And, we want you to feel as we do – ENERGIZED ABOUT OUR LIVES!

The Women of three72

The idea behind three72 came from Tracey (that’s me), the oldest sister (Jessica and Christie insist that I tell you that!). I enlisted a group of women with expertise in professional coaching, strengths assessment, organizational development, and overall awesomeness (two of whom are my sisters) and brought them together to develop what is now the Step Into YOU program.

From there, we have built a company that serves women. We are sisters and best friends who have a dream and we hope you will join us on that journey.


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